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We offer trust the chef set menu omakase

with additional Sake pairing.

Our current menu is $150 per person and

updated according to seasonality and market availability of local produce.

Kindly note that seafood and soy are key ingredients

in our menu and we’ll be able to arrange only minor changes for

pescatarian, mild GF with 48 hours advance notice.

We’re unable to provide for Vegan, Vegetarian, strict GF and Kids menu.

Check our latest menu on Instagram

This is a sample of our menu.


Our Sake is all Junmai style witch means 

‘Pure  Rice’ as the sake can legally only be made with 4 ingredients 

rice,  water,  yeast  +  koji-kin.

Most of our breweries are family owned and operated.

Many of which have been handed down through generations of the same family.

Their sake is hand crafted with traditional brewing techniques,

the same as they have for centuries.

In terms of quality and rarity the brewers and sake we work with, represent

the top 1-2% of sake brewing in Japan.

We have Sake, Wine, Beer, Spirits & BYO wine is welcome corkage is $15 per person.

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